graphic design

It is often said you only truly understand something when you’re also able to explain it. Even though I have no idea if that’s true, I did manage to get to a level where I’m able to teach others something about graphic design.

In 2018 and 2019, I gave several workshops on the basics of designing a beautiful and readable report, as well as a workshop on Visualising your personal identity. While the latter was just a iteration by Bart and myself on the existing workshop by Mark and Eva, the former one I developed from scratch together with four other students, with whom I gave the workshop two times.

The programme for the workshop: defining your favorite characteristics, making a visual collage, a break, making your personal style guide and making the first page of your master plan.
The programma for the Visualising your personal identity workshop.
Someone cutting an image from a magazine.
One part of the workshop involved making a collage to represent your identity.
Four people working on their collage.
One part of the workshop involved making a collage to represent your identity.
Two finished collages.
Every participant ended up with an extensive collage.
The schedule overview.
The report workshop consisted of three main parts, leading to a nice spread at the end of the day.
The topics in type setting: font size, line length, line height, alignment, paragraph marking, hierarchy and InDesign styles.
My part was about type setting and a bit about grids; these were the seven topics I explained as the basis for putting text on a page nicely.
A basic rule of thumb for good line heights for body text: taking between 1.2 and 1.5 times the font size.
And I tried to combine theory...
Two paragraphs, one set in Arial and the other in Times, with a different line height.
...with examples. The slides were also shared for future reference, which the participants greatly appreciated.


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