Streaming Guys

web development • 2020

Launching a brand

The video production company Springstof Media noticed a growing need for streaming video. To better communicate their skills to their target audience, they wanted to have a separate brand, based on their uniquely accessible and transparent services.


Branding and website

Based on the target audience, value proposition and market positioning we built a brand profile. Based on this, we developed several logos as a brand direction and iterated towards the final result together with the client. In this direction, we also developed a style guide and a post card to send to Springstof Media’s partners.

In parallel with the logo iterations, we worked out other brand elements and started working on the bilingual website. The website is built on WordPress and includes a cost estimation calculator.

Four logo options.
The first four options for the logo.
Four times a fish/camera logo on different backgrounds.
One of the logos which we ended up discarding.
Four times a double triangle logo on different backgrounds.
We edited the Fat Frank font to make it fit with the visual language of the final logo.
Nine frontpage mockups.
We used the frontpage as one of the elements to iterate on the visual style.

Client communication, branding, frontend

I asked Fay de Grefte to help me with the branding and to make the post card and style guide. Laurens Besselsen did most of the WordPress implementation and built the cost estimation calculator. The website design and styling, project management and client communication were my responsibility.

See the end result at

Three priority guides for the cost estimation calculator.
I used priority guides instead of traditional wireframes for this project.
Screenshot of the homepage.
The homepage showing the blended photos and outlined text which we used several times throughout the design.
Screenshot of the process page.
The process page showing how Streaming Guys takes you through the process of recording an event.

Where can I find you? 👀

In a lot of places I guess, but definitely here: