Driving in winter Lapland as a tourist

service design • 2017

Making Finnish car owners comfortable with renting their car to tourists

Shareit Blox Car is a Finnish car sharing company. They were working on the expansion from the Helsinki metropolitan area to the north of Finland, Lapland. This posed new challenges for the company, because this area poses more demanding driving conditions in the winter due to extreme cold, slippery roads and large wild animals. This, in turn, makes it less attractive to rent out your car to tourists, because the borrowing party may not now how to deal with this conditions, which may lead to damage to the car. Blox Car asked us to bridge this gap by redesigning their service.

The design goal: using driving as a catalyst, we will develop a way to integrate tourists’ behaviour with Finnish transportation culture.
Our design goal.

A chat bot teacher

We proposed a solution where the user (car renter) would learn the required knowledge to drive in winter Lapland in the time span between the booking and car pick-up from a chat bot. Additionally, the car owner would be informed of the user’s knowledge. This way, the user can drive the car safely and the car owner is reassured of leaving their car in competent hands.

We presented the results in the form of a short video, a service blueprint, touchpoint design opportunities and four key take aways. We also supplied Blox Car with the background research and user journey showing at which point information would be needed for both the user and the car owner.

White slide with red boxes showing several categories of driving tips.
The code of conduct we created.
A slide showing a timeline with the layers of Support, Backstage, On stage and Customer.
Our service blueprint.

Designing a service in a group of international students

Due to the short time span of the project, we had no strict division of tasks, so the work on the content (stakeholder mapping, customer journey mapping, service blueprinting, etc.) was mostly spread equally among each other. One other group member and I focussed on the project management.


  1. This was my first proper introduction to service design, so basically I learned all the methods we used.
  2. It was hard to find actual Finnish car owners. This made it quite hard to get enough representative insights, and in turn probably made the design less fitting than it could have been.
  3. The client initially had no clear vision of what they wanted from us. This showed the importance of asking questions, because this way we still got to form a functional design brief.

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