Turn The Page

graphic design • 2015–2016

For the Industrial Design Engineering oriented magazine ‘Turn The Page’, I was the commissioner of layout, for a year. This meant I was focused on making sure the layout was coherent throughout the magazine and helping people realise their vision for their spreads. I also created the covers and wrote and designed several articles myself. For promotional activities, I created a website (which was later merged in to svid.nl) and some posters.

Orange cover with three white buildings in a Middle Eastern, Asian and European architectural style.
Cover issue 58.
Purple page showing the nine committee members in a grid as well as the editorial introduction.
The committee page of issue 58.
White table of contents with purple items.
The table of contents of issue 58.
Green page with a grid of black random letters and white letters spelling ‘generative design’.
First page of my article on generative design.
Green page with white article text at the top and a photo of different generated napkins by the French Design duo Pixtil.
Second page of my article on generative design.
Pink page with a screenshot of the then newly launched website showing the latest issues.
Advertisement for the new website.
White/turqoise page with half text and half an illustration of a human following a robot.
Page of my article on artificial intelligence in design.

Where can I find you? 👀

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