Room for Discussion

web development • 2016

Showing more content with a modern look

Room for Discussion is the interview platform of the University of Amsterdam. They already had a website, but it wasn’t built for the amount of content the committee created. The brief: to build a website to account for the amount interviews they held, including the content around them, like recordings and photo albums.


Screenshot of a gray, dark red one-page website.
The previous website, where all interviews were listed on one page, together with all other (static) content.
Grayscale wireframe of the frontpage.
Wireframe for the frontpage.
Grayscale wireframe of the search page.
Wireframe for the search page.
Screenshot of the top of the new frontpage with several event cards and a header image.
Design exploration for the homepage.

A website based on an existing branding

Based on an existing visual identity and the goal to present all interviews, guests and (previous) committee members, I built this website.

Screenshot of the page showing the current committee.
The current committee.
Screenshot of the bottom of a page with three event cards.
At the bottom of each page three interviews are shown, to make sure the visitor can always go somewhere.
Screenshot of the search page.
Using the search functionality, multiple kinds of information had to be findable.

Designing and building

The brief was detailed in the wishes and requirements for content and structure, so I only had to adapt the existing style to fit this structure. Then, I worked in several stages towards a finished product, where some features, like search, were launched later than the first version.

See the end result at

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