IDE Business Fair

graphic design • 2015

As part of the ID’s PR committee, I worked on the promotional material and digital communication channels together with Emil Flach and Micha Lionarons. We created a sign up form and printed material (stickers, posters, flyers, etc.).

The posters and floor stickers, which were spread around the faculty, targeted four different groups (bachelor, master, almost graduating and graduated students). By doing this, we tried to make it clear to each group what benefit they would get from the fair. The visual style was based on the branding from the previous year, to keep it recognisable. We did make some adjustments though, like replacing desaturated photos with full-colour ones, to cheer up the overal image.

An orange sticker with the IDE Business Fair logo.
The business card sized sticker.
Poster saying ‘Stage als minor?’.
The poster for bachelor students.
Poster saying ‘Need a JMP?’.
The poster for master students.
Poster saying ‘Need a job?’.
The poster for (almost) graduated students.
Poster saying ‘Graduation internship?’.
The poster for master students looking for a graduation project.
Banner showing the IDE Business Fair logo in large and the logos of all participating company grouped by colour.
The banner (3 x 1 meter) with the logos of the participating companies.

I learned about the importance of testing multiple scenarios by building the sign up form. Because of a bug in my code, the entries of the first day were lost. We could have prevented this by testing multiple sequential sign ups, instead of just single sign ups. The next year we prevented this problem, by testing more extensively.

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