photography • 2017–now

At the MyFutures Symposium 2018 and, together with Nils Westhoff, at several Alumni Events of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (2017, 2018 and 2019), I took photos for reports and promotion of later events.

People listening to a lecture.
Photos taken during the MyFutures Symposium 2018.
People listening to a lecture.
Someone giving a lecture.
Two people laughing at a table during a workshop.
Someone in thought while looking at a stakeholder map.
Someone explaining something with hand gestures.
Two people bending over a table two write on a sheet of paper.
Someone explaining something.
Two people presenting with a poster.
Three people talking.
Photos taken during the IDE Alumni Event in 2019.
People applauding after a lecture.
Two people working on a sheet of paper.
People talking.
Someone giving a talk.

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