Me, in Levi, Lapland.
I did my exchange minor in Finnish Lapland, where I enjoyed the snow—and Scandinavian culture even more.

Floris and design

I got a bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering and then went on to do a master in Design for Interaction, both at Delft University of Technology. Overall, my goal is to improve our planet’s well-being, bit by bit. To be more exact, I want to include human well-being and sustainability in every project I work on. Next to that, I’m interested in themes like household products and furniture; information security, AI and privacy; and branding.


This page should give a good feel for who I am, but who can resist a good old resume in PDF format? I know I can’t, so you can download that here:

Download Floris’ resume

Vision on design

For me, design in the narrowest sense revolves around something similar to Dieter Rams’ ten principles of good design; innovative, clean and sustainable design is something which I strive for. However, this view on its own would be limited, since it revolves mainly around physical product design. While I love well designed physical products, I would like to find other solutions wherever possible; if we don’t need to use physical resources, we shouldn’t.

A line drawing of Rams’ 10 principles of good design and the user in their context.
Dieter Rams’ principles are good, but don’t cover every scenario. The user’s context is important, too.

Rams’ ten principles also fail to take some possibly desirable effects into account. For example, a design may need to actually be obtrusive in order to ignite positive change. This is why I think a good understanding of the context is really important and that those ten principles might need to be ignored or changed in order to fit the context and achieve the desired result.

Floris and other things

Next to industrial design, I have some hobbies, too, of which some accidently transformed into freelancing activities: web development, graphic design and photo­graphy. Additionally, I end up spending a lot of my spare time on activities by the study association of our faculty: I was in two committees and the board over the past few years. This year, I’m trying to improve our education in the Faculty Student Council, which is combined with the education committee of the study association.

Board 44 of ID, the study association of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.
The board I was in. 💕 Together with our committees we organised a business fair with over 35 companies, a festival with more than 1500 visitors at our faculty and many more events.

I listen to music almost constantly, read books sometimes, visit museums and botanical gardens as often as possible and ride my racing bike once in a while (I won’t win the Tour de France anytime soon, though). Last but not least, I take care of my plants, like my basilicum which reached a height of 96 centimeters at one point 🌿😎.


Oh, right. Yeah, yeah sure. So... talk to you later?

Yeah please do! :D