About Floris

Me, in Levi, Lapland, against a snowy backdrop.
I spent a semester in Finnish Lapland—it was cold, but amazing.

My goal is to improve our planet’s well-being, bit by bit. So I like to focus on sustainability and inclusion when designing interactions, services and systems.

I’ve got an old-fashioned CV. But otherwise, this page should give you some info on my skills and career path.

Floris & design

‘Design’ is a very generic word, of course, but for me it is an activity which can go from the shaping of simple products, to improving a societal systems. Within that broad spectrum, these topics interest me: environmental sustainability and ethical production; household products and furniture; information security, AI and privacy; and branding.

From what I’ve learned, we, designers, are good at the following three broad competences.

1. Dealing with uncertainty and envisioning the future (not predicting it, but imagining options in such a way you can work with it).

My skills: iteration, picking suitable methods, scientific research, learning from stakeholders (see empathising), and testing assumptions


For Ultimaker we imagined a future for factories using 3D printers to design a control system.

2. Empathising, by talking with people/users/stakeholders and being able to reflect the essence back to others.

My skills: observing, contextmapping (cultural probes & interviewing), usability testing


For Rabobank we researched how to support customers who don’t use the app, yet.

3. Bringing ‘things’ such as concepts to life (by visualising and prototyping—not by making Frankenstein’s monster).

My skills: graphic design, interface design, movie editing, photography, web development, programming, basic electronics and soldering, modelling and 3D-printing


For Alpine I created a new container for ear buds, using modelling and 3D-printing to make it concrete.

Floris & education

The basic curriculum of my bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering (2014-2018) involved the human, business/organisation and technology sides of design and my master in Design for Interaction (2018-2021) was more focused on the human side.

I took several courses to get more in depth into circular product/service design, systemic design and lighting design. During my bachelor, I did a minor at the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, northern Finland, 2017) and in 2019 I participated in a study trip, Flight Case, where we worked on cases for four large Japanese companies.

A very pleasant cooperator, well organised and a creative thinker.

Ena Voûte, Dean of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

Floris & other things

Next to design, I have some hobbies, too, of which some accidently transformed into freelancing activities: web development, graphic design and photo­graphy. Additionally, I end up spending a lot of my spare time on the study association of our faculty: I was in two committees and the board and I worked on improving our education as part of the Faculty Student Council. I also volunteer at my scouting club, where I manage things like the website, our IT and the finances as part of the board.

In 2020, I created Inclusief Design, an initiative to make the Dutch design scene more inclusive. Right now, it’s mostly a collection of insights and resources.

You make sure everyone is the best version of themselves, that they get confidence out of doing their tasks.

Fay de Grefte, secretary of the Faculty Student Council

Board 44 of ID, the study association of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.
The board I was in. 💕 Together with our committees we organised a business fair with over 35 companies, a festival with more than 1500 visitors at our faculty and many more events.

I listen to music almost constantly, read books sometimes, visit museums and botanical gardens as often as possible and ride my racing bike once in a while (I won’t win the Tour de France anytime soon, though). Last but not least, I take care of my plants, like my basilicum which reached a height of 96 centimeters at one point 🌿😎.

Where can I find you? 👀

In a lot of places I guess, but definitely here: