A photo of me, Floris, happily smiling

Hej! I’m Floris, I design for inclusion and sustainability.

I’ve just finished Design for Interaction (TU Delft) and I like designing interactions, services and systems with a focus on sustainability and inclusion.

My runaway hobbies-turned-freelance-activities are graphic design, giving workshops, creating websites (with code and stuff) and photography.

Alrighty, so are you doing anything fun?

Well right now, I’m…

Cool, cool, cool, and could you tell me something about earlier projects?

Of course! I’ve been…

Web development

And what was that about freelancing?

Since I was in high school, I’ve been tinkering with websites. By now I’ve got over 10 years of experience

ID study association

Streaming Guys

Room for Discussion

Graphic design

Huh, those websites don’t look too bad.

Thanks! I also quite like graphic design. I got to work on a magazine and some assignments of clients.

Turn The Page


IDE Business Fair


Alright, nice, is that all?

Not yet! I also like taking photos both at events and on the street.




Where can I find you? 👀

In a lot of places I guess, but definitely here: